Joint Ventures

Bakinaw-SciTech Joint Venture Corporation

Who Are We?

Bakinaw Federal Contracting Corporation and SciTech Services, Inc. have created a Small Business Administration (SBA) certified, mentor-protégé Joint Venture company. By forming this Joint Venture, we have fully integrated our capabilities, expertise, experience, and contracting advantages to provide even greater service to our clients. As joint venture partners, we are fully committed to Bakinaw’s mission of increasing STEM employment opportunities for Native Americans, and to SciTech Services’ mission of providing technical and management solutions with outstanding, innovative, and high-quality service to all customers. Our Joint Venture delivers the joint capabilities of both companies while competing as a Native American owned, 8(a), small business.

Contracting Advantages

As a mentor-protégé Joint Venture, the Bakinaw-SciTech Services Joint Venture Corporation acts as a combination of both companies. This enables the Joint Venture to fully access all Bakinaw and SciTech Services staff, resources, and certifications to support client needs. The Joint Venture is also able to use Bakinaw’s unique, FAR compliant contracting advantages contracting advantages only available to native owned (Native American Corporation and Alaskan Native Corporation) small businesses.

As a Joint Venture between an SBA certified mentor and protégé, the Joint Venture also acts as an 8(a) certified small business. The 8(a) program contracting advantages include:

  • The ability to receive sole-source awards greater than $4,000,000 per contract including the ability to negotiate directly with federal clients prior to selection and award.
  • The ability to compete for all small business; small, disadvantaged business; and minority owned, economically disadvantaged (8a) business set-aside procurements.
  • The ability to team with large and small businesses to leverage these contracting advantages.
  • For Department of Defense contracts, eligible prime contractors can receive a rebate of 5% of the total amount subcontracted to the Joint Venture.

Joint Capabilities

See the Client Services for additional information on Bakinaw Capabilities and for additional information on SciTech Services capabilities.